Posted by: jmwilsonmga | April 19, 2011

Falling Into Insurance

Insurance is an industry you either choose it, fall into, or it falls into your life. 

 All three happened to me.    

My Grandfather, Uncle and Dad all worked for McNamara Insurance Agency in Gaylord, Michigan and it was always my dream to follow in their footsteps.  I was lucky.  At Olivet College I majored in Insurance & Risk Management, a career program few people are aware of.  Growing up in Northern Michigan proved to be a pretty stable, uneventful life.  However, there was one life-altering event that caused the importance of  insurance to fall right into my young lap.

I was about thirteen at an out-of-town Pee-Wee Football game when halfway through it, the game was called off due to an impending storm.  Driving home with my parents the winds grew to gale-force.  As we rounded the corner, I saw to my shock the old, familiar KFC sign lay shredded to pieces on the pavement.  Steadying ourselves, we arrived home to find two trees had fallen right through our rooftop.  Where would we go?  I had visions of being homeless.  

In a panic I turned to my father, almost afraid to ask,  “Dad, what are we going to do now?”   Cool as Michael Brady, Dad just patted me on the shoulder and smiled.  

“Son, this is the reason we have insurance!”  

From that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do:  to instill that same calm and reassurance for others in any unexpected accident or disaster.  I wanted them to feel the same way I felt that fateful day;  that everything would be ‘okay’ and life would return to normal.    

Today, as I move and shake as an underwriter in Personal Lines for JM Wilson Corporation, I get the opportunity every day to insure clients’ liabilities and risk needs.  It is a great way to fulfill my passion and I encourage others to discover the many hidden opportunities.  There are so many roles to fill;  underwriting, managing,  brokering, including the creative sides of  Sales & Marketing, Promotion and Advertising.     

So whether or not you plan, choose or just fall into this wonderful world of insurance, it all has a way of working out for the best.

About the Author : Calvin McNamara, Personal Lines Underwriter

Calvin has been a part of the JM Wilson Team for over two years and currently serves as a Personal Lines Underwriter.  He specializes in underwriting and analyzing risks, as well as communicating with our agents and companies.  He loves working with our agents and meeting the new challenges that each day brings.  In his spare time, Calvin enjoys watching/playing sports, golfing, and exercising.

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