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How to Make Social Media Work for You : LinkedIn

Through this blog mini-series, “How to make Social Media work for You”, I’ll be breaking down the basics of social media.

Today, we’re going in-depth on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a social networking site, focused around business, which was launched in 2003.  It currently reports more than 100 million users – in over 200 countries (source Wikipedia). 

The basis of LinkedIn is a professional network which allows you to connect with colleagues, business acquaintances, and friends.  Where Facebook revolves around friendships and sharing your personal lives, LinkedIn allows you to share your professional life.  Through your second-degree or third-degree connections, you can meet new people, inside or outside of your industry, allowing you to be “introduced” to someone you may have wished to meet.

LinkedIn has also expanded to offer company profiles.  By creating a LinkedIn Company Page for your business, you can share updates, press releases, products, and services with all of the professional contacts who follow your company.

Not sure if LinkedIn is worth your time?  Here is a brief list of a few LinkedIn Features that can help you and your company.

  • Groups  : Once you establish your personal profile, begin expanding your horizons (meeting new people and learning new things!) by joining any of LinkedIn’s millions of Groups. 
      • Are you an Insurance Agent?  Start by joining your state’s PIA or IIA groups and networking with fellow insurance agents. Once you begin joining groups, LinkedIn will start recommending other groups to you through the “Groups You May Like” box on your “Home” page.
  • LinkedIn Today : This feature is brand new to LinkedIn!  By analyzing your job title, groups, and other information you have given LinkedIn, it will begin showing you news articles that are relevant to your interests. 
      • Are you an Insurance Agent who does Photography on the side?  You’ll notice in your “LinkedIn Today” Headlines bar, just below your profile picture and share box on your “Home” page, shows you news articles relating to those topics.  You can also see how many people on LinkedIn shared that content with their connections.
  • LinkedIn Companies Products/Services :  After establishing your Company’s presence on LinkedIn, you can take it to the next level by adding your Company’s products or services to it’s Company Profile. 
      • Just go to your Company’s page, click the “Products” tab, click “Admin tools” to the right of your screen, and click “Add Product or Service”.  LinkedIn will guide you through adding your Company’s offerings to it’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Careers : Is hiring a part of your job responsibilities?  LinkedIn also allows you to post any job openings to your Company’s page – a great option, although not free!
  • Integrating your Twitter and Blog with LinkedIn : LinkedIn offers options for integrating both your personal and professional Twitter accounts with your profile or your Company’s profile.  As you tweet or post to your blog, it will appear in your LinkedIn feed…and all of your connections’ LinkedIn Feeds.  It’s a great way to remain present on LinkedIn!

 These are just a few of the many features available on LinkedIn.  How do you use LinkedIn?  What is your favorite feature?

About The Author : Kristin O’Leary, Marketing Research Coordinator

Kristin has been a proud member of the J.M. Wilson Marketing Team for over five years and currently serves as the Marketing Research Coordinator.  She graduated from Western Michigan University in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.  Outside of the office, she enjoys running, working with her family at their pet supply store, and spending time with her husband and their Miniature Schnauzer, Vinny.

Connect with Kristin on LinkedIn!

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