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When Damage Happens, Where do You Start? Insurance Claims Solutions and Advice

Damage happens.  And it is the reason your insureds carry insurance!

A frequent question we encounter in the Claims Department at J.M. Wilson is  “What is the insured to do when the loss first occurs?”

Although it can be a stressful event and time is of the essence, rest assured that we are dedicated to making your claim process smooth.  As a property owner myself, my heart goes out to all of the families and business owners who gather their strength to rebuild. 

In case of loss, here the next steps to take;

  • Have your insured report the loss to you (the agent)
  • Take pictures of the loss if possible (you or the insured)
  • Report the loss to J.M. Wilson (fax: 269-327-5350, email:, including as much information as you can. We strive to make the claims process easy for you and your insured – and will work directly with the carrier.
  • Have the insured take steps to prevent further damage (i.e. board up windows, tarp a leaking roof)
  • Ask the insured to keep all receipts relating to repairs of the damage and report to you (the agent) or to the adjuster

With a series of violent storms this summer, an insured had a recent wind loss and the insured didn’t know where to start. The agent contacted me and I advised to have the insured hire someone to secure the roof where the hole was to prevent further damage. The adjuster arrived the next day and the insured had their claim closed within 3 weeks (including their contractor getting the bid, the roof fixed and all repairs completed).

In my line of work we see hard working people that run successful businesses, work hard, drive trucks, are homeowners and have boats. In the unfortunate times that an insured has a loss we want you to know that we are here to help. Losses can be as simple as a roof repair to a devastation of a total fire, during these times is when we need to be compassionate and helpful to the insureds.

Please give us a call with any questions – or post them here on our blog!

About the Author : Jessica Garcia, Claims Supervisor

Jessica has been a member of the J.M. Wilson Team for over four years and currently serves as Claims Supervisor.  She handles all claims and claims communication with our agents; additionally she works on the Wellness Initiatives at J.M. Wilson. Jessica loves helping her insureds through a smooth claims process and getting them back to their daily routines and life prior to their loss.   In her free time, Jessica enjoys listening to music, reading, teaching BodyPump and Cycling fitness classes, and spending time with her family and friends.  She is proud to have run her first 5K race this year!

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