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What is Klout all about?

“90% of consumers trust peer recommendations,  only 33% trust ads” (Klout)

Klout is a social media measurement tool, established in 2008.  Klout measures your (or your brand’s) influence through your social networks based upon your ability to stimulate action.  It measures each time you create or share content, comment, post, or otherwise engage other users.  This leads to Klout’s measurement of your influence.  Klout uses data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and FourSquare in it’s calculation.

Your Klout Score (your ability to influence others) is derived from three factors;

  1. Your True Reach (how many people you influence)
    1. This means the number of people who are engaging  or seeing your content, i.e. clicking on your links, sharing your content, re-tweeting your posts.  Klout filters out the spam bots so your data will not be affected by false readings.
  2. Your Amplification (how much you influence them)
      1. This means the number of times that they engage with you using some of the same example actions that I listed above.  The more people who engage with you, the higher your amplification score will be.
  3. Your Network Score (how influential they are)
      1. This means Klout also looks at the people who engage with you.  So when they share your content, how many people are then seeing what you have to say?  How large is their network?

So, now that you know what Klout is, why should you care about your Klout Score?

Your Klout score is your ability to influence others.  In business, and in life, influence is very valuable.  It can help you meet new people, expand your brand presence, and even land new customers.

Why should you use Klout?

Klout is an excellent way to monitor and measure your social media presence. 

  • It allows you to give a numerical value to your influence and your successes. 
  • It helps you to understand who you are influencing, and discover who other thought leaders are. Klout will provide you will a list of the people that you influence the most.
  • It will also help you better engage your audience by providing you with a list of topics that Klout believes you are influential about, based upon past content and engagement.  This can help you target topics that your followers are interested in and are looking to you for.
  • Klout will also give you your “Klout Style”.  Based on your Klout Score and your interactions, it will place you on a grid indicating your leanings toward listening/casual interactions, focused/consistent interactions, participating/sharing, and creating.

 Do you use Klout?  What’s your Score?

About The Author : Kristin O’Leary, Marketing Research Coordinator

Kristin has been a proud member of the J.M. Wilson Marketing Team for over five years and currently serves as the Marketing Research Coordinator.  She graduated from Western Michigan University in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.  Outside of the office, she enjoys running, working with her family at their pet supply store, and spending time with her husband and their Miniature Schnauzer, Vinny.

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