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Do you ‘like’ Facebook’s new changes?

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of social media changes – with many more set to launch soon.  With today’s post, I’d like to take you on a tour of the major changes that Facebook announced at the f8 Summit in San Francisco.  There are so many changes, and new features, that it can be difficult to follow.  Here is your step-by-step reference to the Facebook changes!

  • Timeline : One of the biggest changes announced at the f8 Summit was Timeline.  Timeline is a dramatic Facebook profile overhaul which alters your profile to a more holistic view of your life – a scrapbook of you from birth to current day.  In the past, as you looked through your profile, it was difficult to find older posts that you had made.  They were lost under the “older posts” link.  Now with Timeline, your life (and all of your posts, pictures, events, etc) are divided into years and months.  By clicking on any year (that you were active on Facebook or you have gone back to fill in), you will see all of your Facebook activity for that year.  To familiarize yourself with the layout, here is a screenshot of my Timeline.  Timeline will begin rolling out on October 6th.  It is currently available for developers only.

  • ‘Like’ isn’t the only option : Now instead of only being able to “like” something on Facebook, you can do something on Facebook!  Facebook has launched Facebook Gestures, where you are able to insert any activity you are doing, if you can fill in this sentence “I am [verb] a [noun]” than you can share it on Facebook.  For example, reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to a song.  Sharing these activities will be the next phase of Facebook.
  • Seamless Sharing : Now your applications will only need to ask you once if you would like to share your activity.  The terminology will also change to “Add to Timeline”.  Once you grant this app permission, it will post your activity directly to your Timeline without asking your permission first.  This is to enable a more “seamless” sharing process on Facebook.  For those of you who play games on Facebook, the interruption of asking if you would like to post your achievements to your Profile will be removed.  For others, this may be a concern.  It will require you to be either more conscious of exactly what you are sharing or more selective of the friend requests you accept.  Note : Although these apps will require you to allow them to post to your Timeline, you can select the audience ; public, friends, custom, or even just yourself.
  • Ticker : You may have noticed a new streaming bar of information on the right side of your News Feed.  This is the Ticker.  Similar to the set-up of Twitter, the Ticker will stream all of the updates from applications (don’t worry about these clogging your News Feed), friends’ comments on other friends’ posts, and other less important updates.  All photos, links, etc will still funnel to your News Feed.
  • Connect through your Television Shows, Music, and News : These three categories are Facebook’s next area of focus.  They have devoted a great deal of energy to letting you watch, listen, and read with your friends.  When you utilize Facebook apps for any of these items (and allow them to post to your Timeline), your friends can see what you are doing…and can join you! The theory is that this will stimulate even more conversation.
  • Subscribe : You can now subscribe to other people’s public Facebook posts.  When you activate the subscribe feature on Facebook, any one can “subscribe” to your public posts.  This is proving to be a great addition for public figures to share their thoughts with others – while in their personal profile.
  • Smart Lists : Facebook debuted this feature prior to the f8 Summit.  Smart Lists are lists that Facebook automatically creates for you.  Friend lists, which you create yourself, still exist.  Both are good options for filtering the increased number of posts you will likely see.  One note : when you add someone to a Smart List, they will receive a notification, whereas they will not be notified when you add them to a Friend list.
  • SSL Requirement : Beginning on October 1st (yes, it’s already required!), all fan pages that have custom tabs or apps must have them hosted on a server with an SSL certificate.  In plain English, that means when Facebook users browse using a secure connection (HTTPS), your custom apps/tabs will not show unless they are hosted on a secure server.

What do you think of the changes?  We would love to hear your feedback!

About The Author : Kristin O’Leary, Marketing Research Coordinator

Kristin has been a proud member of the J.M. Wilson Marketing Team for over five years and currently serves as the Marketing Research Coordinator.  She graduated from Western Michigan University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.  Outside of the office, she enjoys running, working with her family at their pet supply store, and spending time with her husband and their Miniature Schnauzer, Vinny.

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