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Understanding Our Responsibilities as E&S Underwriters : From the Road with Debbie Martinez, Southern Region Branch Manager

In my position as Southern Region Manager for JM Wilson I am fortunate to come into contact on an almost daily basis with our partner agents and potential partner agents.

Over the last three years, I feel I have been given a great platform to not only meet these agents but to “hear” them and the challenges they face in this world referred to as a “soft market.” Although most of our agents have direct contracts with companies they still look to us as a Managing General Agent to serve them as a Excess & Surplus Broker.  They have partnered with us to help them in their time of need when those direct contracts have been exhausted and they need a home for their insured.

While we would all love to write the cream of the crop accounts, it is a fact of life in the E&S world that those accounts are meant for Standard Line carriers.  We need to remember that we are there for our agents to help them place those risks that for one reason or another do not qualify for those carriers. We must try to realize that by the time that risk has gotten to us that our agents are tired from searching and are looking to us to save the day for their client.

I remember a visit to one of my agents that has been in business for over 50 years. He told me in today’s insurance world they often feel like they are bothering an MGA when they call and that the MGA just didn’t have time for them.  They really appreciated the fact that we were encouraging phone quotes and exceptional customer service, as they felt it was a rarity today. They are a smaller agency and appreciated the fact that they are treated with respect everytime they call JM Wilson.  I was humbled that this agent and his staff knew that they could pick up the phone and get a response from our team of underwriters and understand that they do matter to us.  This is what all of our agents expect from us- that we understand their plight. Instead of trying to find a way to say “no” to their client, we step up and let them know that we are fighting for them and trying to find a solution.

Agents today need their quotes three days ago, not yesterday. They need us to be there for them – and with them – in this world we know as Insurance. They are looking for a little understanding, some great product knowledge and a big old fashioned helping of customer service when they call.

It gives me great pride to know that when I encourage an agent to call JM Wilson from the road that our staff understands their needs and truly strives to be there for our agency family and our extended family – their clients.

About the Author : Debbie Martinez, Southern Region Branch Manager

Debbie Martinez joined J.M. Wilson in 2009 and currently serves as the Underwriting and Sales Manager for the Southern Region.  She works to develop agency relationships with our existing Southern Region agents through all lines of business, as well as helps to establish newly appointed Southern Region agents. Debbie loves the day-to-day contact she has with our agency partners.  In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her son, working with the American Cancer Society, and photography.

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