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A J.M. Wilson Intern’s Perspective : Reaching an Evolving Audience

When I interviewed for my internship at J.M. Wilson, I had no clue what a Managing General Agency’s role was in the insurance world.  My marketing background had provided me absolutely no knowledge of insurance or where it came from; it was like the ‘Your little sister was delivered by a stork’ story all over again.  The only real experience I had was watching the price go up during my teenage driving years (it turns out those speed limits do mean something after all) and my preconception was that the insurance trade was strange, slow, and old.

As I grew into my position and became more immersed in the atmosphere of an MGA, however, I found that I was really starting to get this whole insurance thing.  Undoubtedly, J.M. Wilson’s values of commitment, knowledge, relationship building, and enthusiasm have helped me realize just how imperative this business is.  Witnessing J.M. Wilson’s group of underwriters, technicians, and support staff work tirelessly to help independent agents move mountains to get the right coverage for their clients has been an eye-opening experience.  Insurance is an extremely valuable source of protection for those who work hard.

It’s clear to me that I have been converted, but what about other young adults?  How can insurance be made more special for them as opposed to just one of life’s annoying necessities?

One of the greatest things my time at J.M. Wilson has taught me is the power of integrative marketing, especially within social media.  Utilizing social media such as Facebook and Twitter is the first step in connecting with the younger generation.  These platforms are ingrained in my generation’s lives; with many, it’s a natural extension of their physical self.  This offers a great opportunity for marketers to form meaningful relationships with young consumers and communicate with them the value of insurance and how it fits into their life, specifically.

Another value that this internship has instilled in me is that to be successful, a process of constant learning is imperative.  From my days as a spring-green intern, disoriented from the smoke and mirrors, to the slightly more ripened intern that I am today, my learning process has been persistent.  From joining insurance groups on LinkedIn to scouring over industry publications, my thirst for knowledge has made me much more informed and able to contribute in my position at J.M. Wilson.  This same strategy of constant learning is needed to keep up with my generation.  Staying on top of ever-evolving and emerging trends such as QR codes, industry thought leaders, and the aforementioned social media is an important step in staying connected with a generation that is used to rapid advances in technology.

My experience as an intern at J.M. Wilson has allowed me to observe the insurance industry with a fresh perspective.  The insurance industry is going to evolve and it’s no surprise that some big changes are happening already.  Many independent agents already are making use of social media, a platform that is becoming more than just a technology for my generation.  Insurance industry professionals will need to continually assess and reassess their efforts to reach the youngest generation if they wish to successfully communicate with an audience that is constantly evolving the ways in which they cultivate meaningful relationships and connect with the world; after all, you wouldn’t want to appear strange, slow, and old, would you?

And me, Nathan Richards :

As for myself, I am a student at Western Michigan University studying Advertising and Promotion.  I am spending my time as an intern with the Marketing department and am tasked with creating and sending marketing materials such as press releases, faxes, and emails.  I also keep many things up to date, including the J.M. Wilson website.  I enjoy the unique challenges and opportunities that marketing insurance provides for me.  My future career goals include working in the advertising field with a focus in brand building strategies. Connect with me on LinkedIn

Disclaimer :  This article is for informational purposes only.  There is no legal advice being suggested or proffered.  The author assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions taken or not taken by the readers based upon such information.  This article is the opinion of the author and is not supported or endorsed by J.M. Wilson.  It should not be relied upon and may contain inaccuracies or content may have changed over time, contact your underwriter for the most current and accurate information.  Any comments or responses are the opinions of their authors.  Content on this site is believed to be covered under Fair Use.

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  1. Great perspective, Nathan! Glad to here you are enjoying your experience.It was nice to meet you at the AMA event.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! Glad you enjoyed Nathan’s post. I’ll be sure to share your response! -Kristin

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