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Meet Timeline : How Your Agency Can Utilize Facebook’s Newest Addition

It’s Here!  On Friday, Facebook rolled out the latest enhancement to the Facebook experience – Timeline for Pages.  While it may create challenges for us (the admins), it also provides us, and our customers, with the opportunity to connect and communicate with our companies on a more personal level.  Through this post, I’ll share with you some of the changes Facebook has made, as well as how your agency can utilize them to connect with your customers.

  1. Cover Image : Each page now has a Cover Image.  This image appears across the top of your Page and should be a “unique image that represents your Brand” (Facebook)  Facebook wants to see you utilize images to communicate the personality behind your company – who are you?  That being said, it is against Facebook regulations to include any discounts, have the majority of the image be text, list contact information (this content should be housed in your “About” area), include any references to “Like” or “Share” your page, or list any calls to action (“Check out this Video”, “Download this White Paper”, etc.)  And, of course, it must be original content.

    JM Wilson's Facebook Cover Image

  2. Your Apps: Your apps (like your Welcome page, Pictures, Events, YouTube, and more), which originally appeared on the left side of the page, now appear beneath your Cover Image.  You can re-arrange the order in which your apps show – outside of the Photos app, which will appear first.  Your top 4 apps will show, however if you have more than 4, the user will have to click a small button next to your fourth app to show the additional.  Be sure to arrange your apps so that your 4 most important appear first.

    To see the hidden apps on a Facebook Page, you would click on the number that appears on the upper right.

  3. Posts: You now have much more flexibility with your posts.  If you have a post that you feel is more important than another, let’s say a blog post versus an external link, you can select the post about your blog as a “Highlight” and it will appear larger on your Timeline.  Dedicating more visual space to this item indicates it’s importance and will attract more attention to it.  You can now also pin a post.  By clicking Edit and then Pin to Top, you move your post to the top of your Timeline and anchor it there.  It will stay at the top of your Page for 7 days.  You can tell a post has been pinned by the orange flag in the upper right corner of the post.  A few examples of situations where you may want to pin a post are; if you were running a Facebook Contest and you wanted customers who visited your Timeline to see this first or if you were hosting an Upcoming Event and wanted your Timeline visitors to attend.

    How To "Pin" A Post

    How To "Highlight" a Post

  4. Milestones: Now, like with your personal Facebook page, you can add Milestones to your company’s Page.  If you wanted to include when your company was formed or when your agency won a prestigious award, you could create a Milestone for that event. Above the “What’s on your mind?” Status Bar, there is an icon for “Milestone”.  Simply click this and enter your Milestone’s information.

    How To Create A "Milestone"

  5. Communicate Directly with your Customers: Now your customers can message your company directly!  If one of your customers has a personal question, or even if you have had a customer with an experience that needs more attention, they can now communicate with you directly through Facebook – rather than having to point them to an email outside of Facebook. They can stay within Facebook, where they may feel more comfortable to continue the conversation with you.  You can see your Company’s Messages in your new Admin Panel.  They appear in the upper right corner.

    Messages Area within new Admin Panel

    What is your favorite new feature?  Please share your comments with us – we’d love to hear what you think!

About The Author : Kristin O’Leary, Project Coordinator

Kristin has been a proud member of the J.M. Wilson Marketing Team since 2005 and currently serves as the Project Coordinator.  She graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.  Outside of the office, she enjoys running, working with her family at their pet supply store, and spending time with her husband and their Miniature Schnauzer, Vinny.

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