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Faces Of The Next Generation

Every summer, J.M. Wilson is thrilled to welcome a new group of insurance interns to our staff.  This year, we are joined by three great students from Olivet College’s Insurance and Risk Management program.  Chelsie Swaynie is assisting our Property and Casualty department, Lyle Klosterman is working with our Transportation team, and Thomas Tobolic has returned for a second internship with our Personal Lines crew.  While each are enrolled in Olivet College’s insurance program and belong to the Gamma Iota Sigma insurance fraternity, our interns have varied experiences and career aspirations.

Chelsie decided that insurance was the path for her after taking a tour of Olivet’s campus.  Originally she intended to be a business major; however, her academic advisor convinced her that the Insurance and Risk Management program was the right fit for her.  Since beginning the program, Chelsie has joined Olivet’s professional insurance fraternity, Gamma Iota Sigma, and will hold the office of Vice President of Recruiting for the academic year beginning this fall.

Chelsie spent last summer as an intern at her Aunt and Uncle’s insurance agency where she worked primarily as a secretary.  Her favorite part of working in the insurance field is how welcoming, friendly, and fun all of the people she meets are.  While not sure of her future career plans yet, Chelsie knows she will be a people person wherever she goes and is thinking of working for a company or MGA.

In her free time, Chelsie enjoys golfing, playing with animals and spending time in her favorite summer spot – Grand Haven, Michigan! Connect with Chelsie on LinkedIn

Lyle is also part of Gamma Iota Sigma at Olivet; he currently holds the office of Treasurer.  The strong quality of Olivet’s Insurance and Risk Management program, amazing advisors, and Gamma Iota Sigma are what convinced him to pursue insurance as a career.  Lyle states that the great people and networking opportunities are the best part of working in the insurance industry.

Upon his expected graduation in May 2013, Lyle hopes to find a job in underwriting.  He plans to continue to grow his knowledge of insurance and acquire certifications in hopes of one day starting his own agency. 

When he’s not pursuing his insurance career, Lyle loves playing golf, cheering for the Dallas Cowboys and playing football as a member of Olivet College’s Football Team. Connect with Lyle on LinkedIn

Thomas has returned to J.M. Wilson to complete a second internship with our Personal Lines department.  When offered an opportunity to spend another summer at J.M. Wilson, Thomas jumped at the chance to again work with the people he describes as, “very helpful and great to work with.”  Also an Insurance and Risk Management student at Olivet, Thomas plans to graduate in May 2013.

In his previous interning experience, Thomas found it interesting how each department works in teams to ensure that e-mail and workflows are covered at all times.  His advice for Chelsie and Lyle is to listen carefully to our seasoned insurance professionals; they know what they’re talking about!  Thomas also advises that it is important to get to know your coworkers on a personal level; doing so will make your experience with J.M. Wilson much more enjoyable and worthwhile.

During his spare time, Thomas enjoys watching sports, spending time on the lake and playing football as a member of Olivet College’s Football Team.

Welcoming in a new group of interns is an exciting and rewarding event at J.M. Wilson.  While our new additions gain valuable experience in the insurance industry, we are able to positively influence and learn from the next generation of insurance professionals.  We are delighted to help our interns reach the next stage in their professional careers!

About The Author : Nathan Richards, Marketing Intern

Nathan joined the J.M. Wilson Team in 2011. He  is a graduate of Western Michigan University, focused on Advertising and Promotion.  He is currently an intern with the Marketing department where he creates and sends marketing materials such as press releases, faxes, and emails.  He also keeps many things up to date, including the J.M. Wilson website.  He enjoys the unique challenges and opportunities with marketing insurance.  Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn

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