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7 Examples of Insurance Agents Using Social Media Today

Two years ago, J.M. Wilson decided to jump into the social media pool.  We were a little hesitant at first – not knowing what dangers lurked beneath the surface. Ultimately, we figured we’d never learn to swim if we didn’t get our toes wet.  Before we knew it – we were fully submerged!

At that time, there weren’t many agents, brokers or companies active with social media. What a difference a couple of years can make!  It’s exciting to see how our industry has begun to embrace social media and realize that this form of networking is a valuable extension of the relationships we have built and continue to build.

Here are a few good examples of how independent insurance agents are using some of the most popular social media platforms:


Verlinde Insurance Agency : Photos & Fun

What I like about Verlinde Insurance Agency’s facebook page is their use of photos.  They’ve used photos as warnings “are you covered?” sharing what’s happening to others in our world (Colorado fires) as well as fun and interesting things that makes you want to come back and see what they’re up to.

Suhr & Lichty Insurance Agency Inc.  : Community Focus

Lots of great community stuff! Their focus on “our town” as well as “who we are” gives their clients that neighborly feel – drawing them even closer into the relationship.  Suhr & Lichty Insurance Agency is doing something right with 12,526 people following them!


Ron Jackson Insurance Agency  : Tips & Target Audience

Ron Jackson Insurance Agency features timely tweets of what’s happening in and around Kalamazoo Michigan, as well as helpful tips for health, home and auto.  They also frequent re-tweet industry and community partners’ information.  Ron Jackson Insurance tweets specifically with their customers in mind.

Machor Sage Ins. : Fun Facts

With 974 followers, Machor Sage Insurance has a long reach to spread the good word of insurance. It’s important to be active once you’ve established your presence on Twitter.  This agency does a good job with that by tweeting insurance factoids that would appeal to an insurance buyer, as well as thoughtful re-tweets from those that they follow interspersed from time to time.


Cathy Baldwin : Integrate Your Blog

Many agents who use LinkedIn, don’t make full use of all it has to offer. A great way to let current and potential customers know more about your agency on LinkedIn is to integrate your Blog.  Install the WordPress Blog Plugin for LinkedIn and all of your blog posts will automatically feed to LinkedIn as they post.  Check out how it looks by clicking through to my profile – and request to connect with me when you’re there!


J.M. Wilson

Of course, I wouldn’t be a very good Marketing Manager if I didn’t also give ourselves a little plug for the efforts we are making on the social media front.

We update our blog weekly with information designed for our customers – independent insurance agents.  We strive to provide information they can use to improve their business, expand their knowledge, reach new customers, offer new products, and much more.

Other: is a platform to create your own online newspaper. One of our agents from Harbor Brenn Agency  created her own publication: The Ashley Whitney Daily. Using, it automatically pulls fresh content from sources she has hand selected that are of interest to her and people who follow her.

These are only a handful of examples of some of the cool stuff our friends in the insurance industry are doing out there. Check them out and get some great new ideas.  While you are out there, give us a look, like and/or follow too!

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About the Author : Cathy Baldwin, Marketing Manager

Cathy has been a member of the J.M. Wilson Team since 1990 and currently serves as the Marketing Manager.  She oversees the marketing team, which provides marketing support for our underwriting teams in commercial transportation, property/casualty, professional liability, personal lines, and surety.  Cathy loves the variety in her position as marketing manager.  She has the opportunity to work with everyone at J.M. Wilson, our agents, and the companies we represent.  In her free time, Cathy loves to work out at CrossFit – AZO.  She also enjoys reading and listening to music – her favorites range from Neil Diamond to Led Zeppelin.

Connect with Cathy on LinkedIn

Disclaimer :  This article is for informational purposes only.  There is no legal advice being suggested or proffered.  The author assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions taken or not taken by the readers based upon such information.  This article is the opinion of the author and is not supported or endorsed by J.M. Wilson.  It should not be relied upon and may contain inaccuracies or content may have changed over time, contact your underwriter for the most current and accurate information.  Any comments or responses are the opinions of their authors.  Content on this site is believed to be covered under Fair Use.

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