Posted by: jmwilsonmga | September 18, 2012

Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb?

I love my Smartphone, but is it making me dumb?

I’m a fanatic about exercise. If I’m not active at least 5 days in a week, I start to feel like my muscles are starving for attention.  When my body is moving, I feel good!

So what’s happening with my brain? I don’t have to use it like I used to, that’s for sure.  It gets far less exercise than it did before we had search engines and smartphones!

I remember being in school before we had computers.  (I realize this will be a stretch for some of you to even imagine).

Going to the library and using the card catalog (for those of you unfamiliar with this relic, click here:

Doing a book report or “research” using an encyclopedia!  If you wanted new material after a few years, you had to purchase a whole new set.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like having instant/easy access to constantly updated information and I don’t really think I’m losing my smarts.  Our brains are like every muscle in our bodies, even if we don’t exercise them, the muscles are still there – but they could be stronger with more use.

So what can we do to make sure we aren’t allowing our brains to be lazy on a daily basis?

  • Next time you start to type something into a search engine, think about what you’re doing and is it something you can answer with a little extra thought?  Or, at the very least, give it a good guess and then do your search and see how close you came.
  • Rather than go right for your calculator when you have some simple math to do, try doing the calculation in your head, on paper or using your fingers!
  • Sharpen your memory with trivia games.  Something a co-worker and I like to do is test our memory of 70’s and 80’s music. Makes us think and we have fun remembering music that we love!
  • Since our smartphones are so handy, download word games and brain teasers. What else do you have to do when you’re sitting at the Secretary of State?

Since I’m committed to keeping my body strong, I want to also commit to keeping my mind sharp. That doesn’t mean giving up the latest and greatest in computers and smartphones, but making a conscious effort to use the computer in my head first.

Now answer this: Name the group who sang “Video Killed the Radio Star” and the year this song aired as the first video ever on MTV.  Think before you Google!

About the Author : Cathy Baldwin, Marketing Manager

Cathy has been a member of the J.M. Wilson Team since 1990 and currently serves as the Marketing Manager.  She oversees the marketing team, which provides marketing support for our underwriting teams in commercial transportation, property/casualty, professional liability, personal lines, and surety.  Cathy loves the variety in her position as marketing manager.  She has the opportunity to work with everyone at J.M. Wilson, our agents, and the companies we represent.  In her free time, Cathy loves to work out at CrossFit – AZO.  She also enjoys reading and listening to music – her favorites range from Neil Diamond to Led Zeppelin.

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