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Okay, so that’s not a real number so please don’t call it, but DO call your underwriter at JM Wilson because we have the ability to phone quote!

1800quoteInsurance is a lot of things – terms, definitions, contracts, customers, appointments, travel, proposals, negotiating… the list is endless.  But I feel that sometimes the biggest hurdle that anyone can face in the insurance industry is having enough time.  Time for quoting, appointments with customers, meetings, projects, budgets, etc.  There is NEVER enough time for it all.  And that’s just our own internal to-do list.  This doesn’t count the incoming calls or drop-ins from insured’s that need a price and policy “right now”.

How do agents handle this?  More than likely, the quickest way possible.  And that, my friend, is how phone quoting was born.

Now some of you might be leery of getting a firm quote over the phone without completing an application first; then there are some who would probably do a cart-wheel if they were given this choice!  For casualty business, phone quoting is simple, easy and fast.  Here are a few basics of what is needed to get a general liability quote:

  1. Name insured.  Okay – step one – CHECK!
  2. A little conversation on what the insured does.  This is a verbal conversation of what would go into the “description of operations” on the Acord form.  Summarize it up for us – years in business, experience, job function.
  3. Class(s) of business.  We can figure out the code for you so no need to fret over that.
  4. Payroll, sales, sub costs, number of owners/employees, etc.  You’d have this info from your fact-finding conversation with the insured so nothing earth shattering here.
  5. Anything else?  Something unique or unusual?  Need any additional insureds?

While we are asking these questions, we can typically input all of this into our rating systems.  We should have enough information to get you a quote right then and there with one carrier and if the pricing looks too out of line, or we feel we need to shop this around, we can certainly do that as well.  Once we get the quote, we email it to you with what is needed to bind.  So, as I say, no need to do an application until your insured is ready to cut you the check for the premium!

Not all general liability classes can be phone quoted, but many can.  Since time is everything in this market, it doesn’t hurt to call and find out if something you have can be phone quoted.  If it can’t we will still tell you what is needed in order to send it in.

Erin-HersonMarch-2012About the Author : Erin Herson, Underwriting & Agency Relations Manager

Erin Herson joined J.M. Wilson in 2009.  She is responsible for underwriting, teaching Continual Education courses, as well as establishing and developing new agency relationships.  She loves the people that she works with and finding creative solutions to their needs.  Outside of the office, Erin enjoys working out, spending time with her children, golfing, cooking, and of course, shopping.
Disclaimer :  This article is for informational purposes only.  There is no legal advice being suggested or proffered.  The author assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions taken or not taken by the readers based upon such information.  This article is the opinion of the author and is not supported or endorsed by J.M. Wilson.  It should not be relied upon and may contain inaccuracies or content may have changed over time, contact your underwriter for the most current and accurate information.  Any comments or responses are the opinions of their authors.  Content on this site is believed to be covered under Fair Use. Legal

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