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It’s Not About the Bathing Suit

I never thought I would say this but YES!  I am a pageant Mom!!  Not a “Toddlers and Tiaras” Mom but a proud mother of a Miss America Organization (MAO) contestant.  My daughter was a contestant in the Miss Michigan pageant in June of 2012 and is starting her second year of competition in this wonderful organization. To see the way my daughter has grown and matured from her involvement intrigued me.  She has applied so many of the things that she has learned through MAO to her life and how she conducts herself not only on stage but every day.  I wanted to know more.

I found what I was looking for in the 4 points of the Miss America crown.  I didn’t know that the crown had meaning, did you?  These points are the backbone of MAO and represent:

Style, Success, Scholarship and Service.

During personal interviews and on-stage questions, the judges can ask whatever they want of each contestant. Everything is pretty much fair game and, believe me, my daughter has had some very interesting questions!  Knowing the meaning of the 4 points is a necessity and can help the contestant form her answers.  I started thinking, what would be my answers and how could I apply these points to my life?

Style – Style isn’t just fashion. To me, this should be how I carry and project myself – confidently, professionally.  How I conduct myself with others – with respect and kindness.

Success – Who doesn’t want to be successful?  While money and wealth are the measure of success for many, I believe it’s not what you have but what you do with it and how you share that with others. I would like to think that my daughter has developed her values by watching and learning from me, our family and our wonderful friends.  She is my greatest success.

Scholarship – The Miss America Organization is the number one provider of educational scholarships to young women in the world.  Sure, I don’t have the funds to be handing out scholarships, but I would like to think that I share my knowledge with others every day.  We all have skills and experiences that we can pass on and should be open to learn from others as well.

Service – Contestants must have a platform, something that they believe in – a cause that they devote time and energy to support and bring recognition to.  I apply this point of the crown in my life by volunteering. Time can be just as valuable as money to many of these amazing organizations. The feeling that I receive from helping someone in need is incredibly rewarding.

Being involved with the Miss America Scholarship Pageant has really opened my eyes.  I have so much respect for each of the young ladies that stand on that stage knowing what each of them accomplished to get there.  It’s so much more than looking good in a bathing suit or how lovely you are in your evening gown.  It’s believing and applying the 4 points that help shape the character of the contestants…..and me.   How would you apply the 4 Points of the Crown?

BethHughesAbout the Author : Beth Hughes, Corporate Services Manager

Beth Hughes joined J.M. Wilson in 1989.  She manages the teams responsible for multiple office duties such as receptionist, claims, mailroom, scanning, and billing.  Additionally, she manages the Underwriting Technician teams who issue and process J.M. Wilson’s policies and endorsements.  She loves the multiple tasks that her teams are responsible for and crunching the numbers every month to insure J.M. Wilson makes goal.  Outside of the office, Beth enjoys playing softball, crocheting, and attending pageants with her daughter, Tori.
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