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Teaching Any Dog New Tricks

Meet Kona!

Meet Kona!

I’m proud to announce that my husband and I recently adopted a rescue pup who we named Kona (our recent trip to Hawaii was fresh in our minds!).  We were amazed at how well she fit into our family dynamic right away.  She came to us housebroken and fairly well-behaved for a dog who was an unclaimed stray at the animal shelter.  After the first few adjustment weeks of settling in, it became clear that while she is certainly a great dog, she could use some manners and training!

We taught her to sit right away – that’s the easy command….especially with treats.  After considering paying for a doggy training class, I was pretty confident that we could do the training on our own. We had the internet (what else does one need?), and of course I’d watched a few seasons of Cesar Milan.

Two months later and she still only knows “sit”. I realize now, that training a dog is just like any other goal or objective.  The greatest success often comes when you have some guidance from a professional who knows a bit more than you do in that particular area of expertise.

For example: Learning to play guitar.  Probably easier to have an instructor teach you some chords and monitor your progress.  Another example is getting in shape. Sometimes we need an extra push from an instructor to get those extra reps in or lift heavier weight!  Just like with doggy class, my husband and I are more likely to be successful in teaching our pup some manners with direction from the professional.

This revelation made me think of the insurance industry. Stay with me….I know it’s a leap.  Independent insurance agents know their stuff and can provide their clients with most coverage that is requested. However, from time to time they are faced with risks that are little out of the ordinary – risks that an agent’s standard companies may not be interested in providing coverage for.

That is where the Excess and Surplus (E&S) Lines professionals can be an agent’s best resource to help provide coverage for an account.  Some of the classes of business that belong in the E&S marketplace are outside the normal day-to-day businesses that an insurance agent normally sees and sometimes outside of their comfort zone. Rather than turn the business away or struggle to learn while the customer goes elsewhere, an agent can contact underwriters (preferably J.M. Wilson underwriters) who are experts at E&S business.

The chances of successfully quoting and binding these “out of the ordinary” accounts are higher with the help of an E&S professional than without. So is the likelihood of learning to play guitar or get in shape on my own vs. with the help of an instructor or trainer. It probably goes without saying that I’ve now opted to take Kona to doggy class in hopes that I can teach this furry friend some good canine manners!

I wonder who writes the insurance on this doggy class…….?!

Cathy-Baldwin---Jan-2013About the Author : Cathy Baldwin, Marketing Manager

Cathy has been a member of the J.M. Wilson Team since 1990 and currently serves as the Marketing Manager.  She oversees the marketing team, which provides marketing support for our underwriting teams in commercial transportation, property/casualty, professional liability, personal lines, and surety.  Cathy loves the variety in her position as marketing manager.  She has the opportunity to work with everyone at J.M. Wilson, our agents, and the companies we represent.  In her free time, Cathy loves to work out at CrossFit – AZO.  She also enjoys reading and listening to music – her favorites range from Neil Diamond to Led Zeppelin.

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