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BRAND New Perspective, with Guest Blogger Ashley Chauhan

Some people have questioned the relevance of brands in the insurance industry, especially the business-to-business brands. However, the insurance industry, especially the Excess & Surplus Lines industry that is so driven by interaction  offers many opportunities to reinforce your brand—through a voice mail greeting, an underwriter visit, a conference, or a submission via the carrier’s website or application. And in an industry that is built on trust and founded on relationships, you need a strong brand that supports and delivers on your promise at every customer touch point.

The definition of a brand is simple: it’s a promise about who you are and the value you deliver and is reinforced every single time people come in contact with any facet of you or your business. A brand sets expectations in your customer’s mind about your value. It tells them what you provide is different and better than the competition.

Have you tapped into a customer need that isn’t addressed by any other company in the marketplace? Congratulations, you’ve created a distinction and now “own” this aspect in the customer’s mind. They will think of you first and always.

Keep in mind, a brand is not a veneer that you slap on—it has to go all the way to the core of who you are and what you stand for. False promises don’t work. Your people, your products, your processes, and your culture must support your brand. Many people think the logo is the brand, but that is just one representation. It can be a powerful one, but it’s not everything. Your brand is what people believe you stand for and what creates a connection between you and your customer. Strong brands foster relationships that withstand pricing wars, transcend offers from new competitors, and even overcome rare lapses in product or service excellence. And as a result, selling is easier because customers prefer to buy from companies they feel they know and can trust, and thanks to the brand, they have that assurance.

SIC_Ashley_Chauhan_brand blogAbout Our Guest Blogger : Ashley Chauhan has been a member of the marketing communications team at Scottsdale Insurance Company for more than 20 years and currently serves as the brand and reputation management consultant for the Scottsdale Insurance group of brands. She likes the challenge of developing new brands and refining existing ones to make an impact in the market, especially as the E&S industry grows and changes. Ashley enjoys the personal-relationship aspect of this industry. To her, developing brands that are delivered through experiences and interactions with people is what makes this work so meaningful. In her spare time Ashley enjoys…wait…with three children and a full-time job, who has spare time?

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