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How I Start Off My Day

I was reading an article in the Forbes magazine and came across an article titled “14 Things You Should Do at the Start off Every Work Day” by Jacquelyn Smith.  I actually found that I was already doing several of these “things.”  I would like to share the 14 “things” with you.

1) Arrive on Time.  I hate to be rushed in the morning, so I make sure I’m sitting at my desk and starting my work day before the “bell rings.”  I also find that being late can throw off my rhythm for the entire day.

2) Take a deep breath.  Moving from my standard “before work routine” to “my work routine” is very important.

3) Take five.  This helps to set the tone for my day.  I look around my desk to see what items are pending and begin to set priorities.

4) Start each day with a clean slate.  Every day is new, so I try to attack my workload as if I am starting fresh.

5) Don’t be moody.  If my day starts off on the wrong foot, I try to suck it up and be positive.  I would rather my positive mood rub off on others as opposed to a negative mood.

6) Organize your day.  I find the first hour of my day is spent checking my calendar, my list of daily tasks, etc., so I know exactly what I need to have completed by the end of the day.

7) Be present.  The good news for me is I am a morning person, so I know I need to jump in and be productive to get the important things done in the morning.

8) Check in with your colleagues.  A quick 5 to 10 minute team meeting can be an effective way for many people to start their day.   (I do skip this step, since I am a department of one.)

9) Organize your workspace.  I like to set up my desk each day in the way it will aid me in accomplishing my workload for the day.  Since my workload changes day by day, so does the top of my desk.

10) Emails. I scan my emails to delete those that can be deleted, address those that are urgent, and leave the rest to be addressed later in the day.

11) Listen to voice mail.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that red light on my phone.  I listen to my messages to make sure there is nothing important.  If there is, then the issue gets addressed.

12) Place important calls and send urgent e-mails.  The sooner you address your urgent issues the sooner the person on the receiving end can address the issue and get back with you.

13) Take advantage of your cleared head.  I like getting my urgent issues accomplished before more issues pop up, because if you are like me, you know they will.

14) Plan a mid-morning break.  I haven’t yet added this to my day.  I get busy and knowing that I do my best work in the morning, I hate to stop.  I know how important it is to take a break and clear your mind, so it looks like I need to make a better effort of taking my own advice.

What do you do to get started with your day?

My morning routines are critical to my success for the day.  They help me to focus and build momentum.  It’s amazing how tough it can be to change your habits.  I am hoping by sharing these 14 things you find you are already doing some of them and will be able to incorporate others into your daily morning work  routine.

Which will you begin?  Please share in the comments below!

Sarah ODay - Jan 2013-About the Author : Sarah O’Day, Human Resources Director

Sarah O’Day joined J.M. Wilson in 2007.  She is responsible for overseeing employee policies and procedures, recruiting / hiring, benefit management, updating of Human Resource field rules and regulations, and payroll processing.  She loves that she has the opportunity to interact with, and get to know, all J.M. Wilson associates.  She is currently the Education (HRCI) chair of the Kalamazoo Human Resource Management Association (KHRMA) and has served on the Board for three years.  Outside of the office, Sarah enjoys genealogy and being the favorite Aunt to 18 nieces and nephews.
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