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Ken The Vendor

My first trip to New York City!  Oh the possibilities of things to do… shop, shop some more, shop again…  Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, The Boathouse…. My list was endless!  Of course on this list also included a minimum of three meals a day, a few glasses of wine and lots of picture-taking.  Every show or movie that is filmed in the heart of New York City it seems that a character orders and eats a hot dog from a vendor.  Certainly, I would have to experience this!  And let me tell you… there were a ton to choose from!

Little did I know that the lesson learned from the cart owner would leave me thinking of what he told me for days…  Do what you love, have fun at work, and life’s too short not to see and experience new things.  Really?  From a man who just made $2 on my hot dog and his advice is to do what you love?  And Ken, I could tell, really does love what he’s doing to make a living.  He had set up shop on the outside of Central Park serving people hot dogs with a smile that made you want to smile back.

Do what you love – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind on Sunday night around 9:00pm knowing what the next day brings?  Are you looking forward to the work week?  Are you in the final stages of the Sunday blues?  If so, why do you continue to do what you are doing?  What’s keeping you or holding you back?

Have fun at work – this is not hard people!  Dedicate a few minutes of each work day to doing something fun either by yourself, with a co-worker, in a meeting or whenever!  Spice things up a bit.  When I last met with our Personal Lines team on a Friday morning, we all put our hands in and shouted “TGIF” on three.  I can assure you that everyone left laughing and those that heard us, had an immediate smile on their face.  FUN!

Life’s too short… – I always hated this expression as a child.  Life seemed that it would go on for an eternity, 40 was old, and I couldn’t wait until I could move out of my Mom and Dad’s house.  Now 40 will be a birthday that I look forward to.  I long for the days of a home cooked meal, laundry being done AND put away, and being a mother makes you realize how quickly the days, months and years literally slip through your fingers.  Cherish the time you have on this Earth and accomplish and see as much as you can.  Thanks to my dear friend Cathy who was a willing travel companion for this amazing trip to NYC, I experienced a city and lifestyle like no other.  My comment to her one day of “I really want to go to NYC someday” and then her making it a reality for me, made me realize that if you want to do or see something – then just do it!  Plan it, make it happen.

Many thanks to Ken the Vendor for not only serving up New York’s finest hot dog (is there such a thing?) but for also making me pause and realize life is good.  And, it’s all what you make of it!

Erin-HersonMarch-2012About the Author : Erin Herson, Agency Relations Manager

Erin Herson joined J.M. Wilson in 2009.  She is responsible for underwriting, teaching Continual Education courses, as well as establishing and developing new agency relationships.  She loves the people that she works with and finding creative solutions to their needs.  Outside of the office, Erin enjoys working out, spending time with her children, golfing, cooking, and of course, shopping.
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