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Have a More Successful Day – Get Your Morning On Track

Do you find yourself disorganized and frustrated by the time you reach the office?  If you do, you are probably not in the right frame of mind to be helping customers or be productive.  You can turn your day around with a better morning routine.

Many times common morning routines such as trying to catch up on laundry, feeding the kids or walking the dog can leave you feeling like you’ve already put in a full day’s work.  Maybe add to that the unexpected stresses such as the car not starting or the sink backing up, and you’re immersed in the morning exasperations.

Believe it or not, your workday organization actually begins before you leave home.  You can’t give customers your best service when you’re feeling frustrated and out of control.  If you’re finding yourself ready to pull your hair out before you’re even out of the driveway, you need some help.

Here are some tips to keep your morning routine under control:

Keep it Central.  Find one spot to keep your wallet/purse, keys, cell phone and other necessities you travel with.  Always put them back in that location when you’re done using them.  This will eliminate frantically trying to locate these items at the last-minute. ( I have found that if I do not put my keys back in the same place every time, I am spending way too much time trying to find them in the morning.)

Prepare meals.  Make lunches for you and if you have kids, for your kids, the night before.  Don’t save this task for the morning.  Use reusable food-storage containers and thermal lunch bags for convenient packing. It’s great to just be able to grab my lunch on my way out the door, and not have to spend the time trying to decide in the morning.

Don’t dawdle.   Resist the urge to pick up a magazine or  turn on the television if this isn’t an activity for which you have built time into your morning routine. (I have allotted time in the morning to read the paper.  It is part of my routine and I have made sure that I get up early enough to have that time.)

Pre-plan your wardrobe. Set your clothes out the night before so getting dressed is a snap. (This is one that I have really grown to like.  It saves me time from decision-making in the morning.)

Change the time. Set your clocks ahead or set your alarm back 10 minutes to give yourself a head start to your day and avoid being late.

Keep the road for driving. Use your commute time to focus on driving. Listen to some soothing music to ease yourself into your work day. (I like a little rock and roll to get my juices flowing in the morning)

Anything you can do to reduce morning stress will make your frame of mind so much better when working with your colleagues and customers.

Terry-McFaulAbout the Author : Terry McFaul, Manager of Training and Development

Terry McFaul joined J.M. Wilson in 1984.  She is responsible for the training processes for J.M. Wilson Associates.  She works with Managers to develop training that is needed in their departments.  She also creates and maintains various quote forms and worksheets used in day-to-day business.  She loves the people that she works with and enjoys when an individual learns a process he or she has been working on.  Outside of the office, Terry likes to read, play mind challenging games, cook, and learn to play the accordion.

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