Posted by: jmwilsonmga | August 27, 2013

Do You Love What You Do?

What is it with people who bounce around the office saying things like “I Love my job!” “Let’s make it a great week!” or “Happy (insert day of the week here)!”?

Don’t they realize it’s Monday morning and our beloved weekend just flew by?

Are they not aware that there are four more days until Friday?

Do they not have enough on their desks to keep them stressed out?

The answer to all of these questions is YES!  I do realize! I am aware! I am plenty busy!

ilovemyjobAs one of “those people”, the real question you can ask me is:  How can you be so joyful and enthusiastic about your work?

No, I don’t drink that much coffee…It’s because I LOVE what I do. I am passionate about my work and my role at this company. I am grateful to be gainfully employed with a company that cares about its people!

How do you know if you are passionate about your work?

There is no Sunday night dread. It’s okay to love the weekends, but Monday is a new beginning!

You are interested in the big picture – not just your day to day tasks or job.

While you may have stress, you manage it or channel it productively.

Days fly by.

You recognize opportunities for personal growth.

Your enthusiasm is clear and infectious to your customers, co-workers and supervisors.

Doesn’t sound like you?  Ask yourself why.

Perhaps you need to view what you do through new lenses. Do you understand your role and how it affects the bottom line of your company? Appreciate your contributions!

You may have to create your own passion with a change of attitude or willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

What excites and motivates you? Incorporate that into your work!

Are you grateful? Sometimes a little gratitude is all it takes to open the door to joy.

If you really don’t enjoy the job you have or the work you do, then it might be time to move on. Just remember that it is always up to YOU to find joy, passion and satisfaction in whatever you do in work and in life.

Life is far too short and time too valuable to not Love what you do.

Cathy-Baldwin---Jan-2013About the Author : Cathy Baldwin, Marketing Manager

Cathy has been a member of the J.M. Wilson Team since 1990 and currently serves as the Marketing Manager.  She oversees the marketing team, which provides marketing support for our underwriting teams in commercial transportation, property/casualty, professional liability, personal lines, and surety.  Cathy loves the variety in her position as marketing manager.  She has the opportunity to work with everyone at J.M. Wilson, our agents, and the companies we represent.  In her free time, Cathy loves to work out at CrossFit – AZO.  She also enjoys reading and listening to music – her favorites range from Neil Diamond to Led Zeppelin.

Connect with Cathy on LinkedIn

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