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The Peaceful Place : Creating Your Work Space

Work is stressful. I mean, really this whole article could be summed up in that one sentence. While I don’t see it changing anytime soon, I’ve been on a mission lately to simplify a lot of different things in my life. I recently wrote about changing a poor diet and exercising. It’s going well, but it’s amazing how one lifestyle change can force you to look around and see how other areas of your life may desperately need some attention as well.

Amanda MontgomeryI work from a cute little cubicle office. I am in this space for at least eight hours a day. If you cut out the time I am sleeping, I am in this cubicle more (awake) than I am at home. It was that realization that led me to try and figure out how to make my cubicle work, how to make it the best space possible, how to make it “The Peaceful Place”.

I am going to still be stressed out from time to time, obviously. I will still be tired, and frustrated, and sometimes I will need to walk away from my space, no matter how calming it may be. Many articles I read suggested a water fountain, but I found the trickling water noise to be far more annoying than calming. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Find what works for you, and then run with that. Here are some tips just in case you need help getting started:

1. Get rid of stuff. Look, I know that everything on your desk seems important. Why would it be there if it wasn’t important in some way, at some time? But all that stuff that piles up, and clutters, and sometimes distracts you, comes at a price. Throw it away. Take it home. Donate it. Shred it. File it. If you’re not using it, haven’t used it in the last two weeks, and can’t see yourself using it in the next two weeks, it needs to go.

2. Make it personal. If you’re sitting in the same place for eight hours (or more) a day, do you really want to stare at empty walls, or pieces of paper that have phone numbers and info you rarely use, or do you want to see some pictures of your loved ones and things that make you smile? My only advice here is don’t go crazy. Try to keep it limited to some special pictures and knick-knacks, and don’t let anything take over.

3. Try out new things. We’ve all cleaned a desk before. That’s a really easy job to do. I wanted to try and make my space calm and peaceful, not just clean. Many articles suggest bringing in calming colors, like purple and light blue (my personal favorite is pink). Also, live plants are repeatedly suggested, and a lot of people say a mirror and/or a lamp in your space will help reflect light, while keeping it warm and inviting. My favorite suggestion was a candy dish with wrapped candy, to encourage visitors and promote inter-office conversation.

It is my wish that some of these ideas will help you start looking at ways to refresh and invigorate your area. A breath of new life, into a calm, welcoming atmosphere, will hopefully help you to not only be more productive, but also more at peace as well. Please let me know if you need help or have any questions as well. Take a deep breath and you’ll be on your way to a more zen-like atmosphere! (Woooosssssaaaaaa)

Amanda.MontgomeryAbout the Author : Amanda Montgomery, Property & Casualty Underwriting Assistant

Amanda Montgomery joined J.M. Wilson in 2012.  She is responsible for servicing Commercial Property & Casualty accounts.  Outside of the office, Amanda enjoys traveling, musical theater, and reading.
Disclaimer :  This article is for informational purposes only.  There is no legal advice being suggested or proffered.  The author assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions taken or not taken by the readers based upon such information.  This article is the opinion of the author and is not supported or endorsed by J.M. Wilson.  It should not be relied upon and may contain inaccuracies or content may have changed over time, contact your underwriter for the most current and accurate information.  Any comments or responses are the opinions of their authors.  Content on this site is believed to be covered under Fair Use. Legal

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  1. These are great tips! My cube was feeling bland, so I added a lamp, a hanging plant, and printed out pretty photos and inspiring quotes to stick on my cube wall. It made me enjoy being in my work space a whole lot more. Thanks Amanda!

    • Hi Megan,
      Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the post and found the tips helpful.

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